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The art of being subtle


Twelve Quirks of Fiction Writers

Recently I read that the Oxford dictionary had updated its list and included a few new words. I decided to create some new terminology that defines writers like me and many others. If the Oxford dictionary can include words like bromance, chillax, mankini, and fnarr fnarr among others, then maybe they will consider these suggestions:

Sugaryjection – intake of a chunk of chocolate after manuscript rejection

Megasugaryjection – intake of a super size chocolate shake after multiple rejections

Vistortion – reading for so long the left eye doesn’t see what the right eye sees

Grey splatter – Writing for so long it doesn’t make sense anymore

Enamathon – continuous and obsessive tapping of keyboard leading to stunted nail growth

Telspiration – getting inspiration from TV shows and then feeling a bit guilty about it

Biproser disorder – writers’ mood swings, sometimes occurring after severe writers’ block

Gramxiety – the special kind of stress suffered when writers edit repeatedly

Hystoria – having thought of a great idea in the shower, writer is freaking out about forgetting it before getting a chance to write it down

Plotobsessosaurus – a writer who has aged prematurely due to over-thinking a plot

Javatives – overuse of adjectives due to coffee

Thesperation – writer who has misplaced his thesaurus

Send in your quirks, fnarr fnarr!

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