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Lit o Fest

It is but true

That I had no clue

Of what to expect

At the Lit o Fest.

A writer is often pegged

With an arrogant head

Who‘s been cast with a spell

To just sell sell sell!

So all chirpy and bright

I chatted with delight

With the arty who’s who

And the many authors too.

Tempted to say,‘hey take a look!’

‘That thriller title, it’s my book!’

But I chose to be nice and cool as a cat

‘Cause they all knew me, so that was that.

Lit-O-Fest is a literature fest with a difference – in addition to hosting valuable sessions with recognised authors, the festival allocates an equal space and attention on young emerging authors as well as Hindi and other regional author’s work.

Check it out at : http://www.lit-o-fest.com/

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My Special Chai


My Chai

A simple desire for a perfect brew

is my need to begin anew

With equal pride and emotion

I prepare my finicky concoction.

The fate of today rests so squarely

On the colour, aroma and delectability

An abysmal beverage is a red alert

That a lousy day looms foul and curt

Dependency on this infusive blend

Has caused much angst to foe and friend

It’s an unusual addiction that I’ve bred

And the superstition that I have fed

But it’s my one fetish, my one desire

A sunrise moment that lights my fire

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Twisted Love

Twisted Love

Real or illusion, principled or corrupt

Love flows through, brave and blunt

A garbage dump smells of roses

In physical pain, the heart rejoices

A magical kiss engages such power

In hugs and words the heart doth flower

Is it a drug, a formula, elixir or potion?

No, it’s oxytocin, the cause of delusion

By all means love, be the glorious rebel

Misery will come, it’s inevitable

But be true to yourself, are you sculpture or chiseler?

Because some choose to be slave and some… the master


 http://us.123rf.com/450wm/steveball/steveball1201/steveball120100031/12004601-red-valentine-heart-on-gold-grunge-background.jpg --

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Let it Be?

Let it be, and let it go
Someone reminds us to be so

Locked, latched and labeled right
Grin and bear it, do not fight

That’s the path to your salvation
Your beliefs are just an illusion

Is it true or is it talk?
A wheedling thought dares to mock

No matter what, our lives are fraught
With a battle ‘tween head and heart

The only truth is the ticking clock
Destiny spells the shine or shock

A gamble it is, the dice will roll
Dare we listen to the soul?

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Sweet Craving

A chocolate stirring deep within
Subtle,velvety, sweet as sin

It sinks and whirls in a mindless dance
Writing, reading has no chance

Illusory desire must be beaten
Decadent chocolate will not be eaten

Clamp I must this vile addiction
With a citrus fruit temptation

The more I push the more it pulled
This unruly desire, my mind it ruled

Then a dulcet voice cried, let it be
Observe the urge objectively

This innocent need don’t battle or fight
A little self-love is really alright

And so a compromise I did ferry
For ’tis the season to be merry

Indulge I did, my chocolate delight
Control I will, when the season is right

Be merry

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Sunny Day

Sunny Day

The sun was hid in dreary grey
No sliver of light, no sunny day

But, my friend, I despaired not
Neither did I fret, nor cry a lot

For a lovely song strummed my heart
Lifting my day to a brighter start

So, my friend, I’ve heard and read
That a sunny day starts inside your head!

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