Like most writers, inspiration strikes on different levels. Not necessarily a story idea, but a way of life, an experience, a life lesson. It buzzes in the brain and insists on being written. So, I pen my random thoughts, which I energise with short snappy words and phrases. Not more than 300 words of peppy motivations.

Sometimes I think the moon cycles influence my spontaneity. Other times, it could be an inner resilient rebellious mood swing. Maybe, words flow because it is a normal extension of being a writer, that one cannot just sit mentally still. I’ve tried meditation, which incidentally, opens up a treasure chest of ideas.

I’ve been feeling restless lately, I want more people to read my work. I’m also lazy when it comes to promoting on social media. In addition, I’m not familiar on how to increase traffic, which people have told me is very important. In that case I decided to piggy-back.

Recently, there was a lot of hype surrounding a portal created by Alibaba Group in India. They’ve come up with UC News – We Media Program for publishers and content writers. I signed up and have written some articles. So far, there hasn’t been much following. But then I’ve not been updating regularly. Anyway, do have a read in UC News. And yes, it’s available for public access on UC News Android app. Be a follower if you can.

Create Your Own Power Pedestal

It is Okay to be Enough

Positive Approach in a Negative Zone

Unflinching Devotion to One’s True Self

Clinging and Desiring Vs Patience and Detachment

Here’s the latest pic of me on my birthday. A moment of happy – content.


Sitting is the norm, it is what you do everywhere and probably more than 10 hours of the day involves being seated, whether at work or socially. My chiropractor gave me an eye-popping advice, he told me that sitting for extended periods of time is as bad a smoking. Can you believe that? As bad as smoking!

That very day, I got myself a standing desk.

It’s been six months, and the process of writing as I stand has been an inspiring experience.

I discovered that the mind needs physical movements to stay alert, to be constructive, to be inspired. So every few minutes, I would stroll around the room, stare out the window, stretch my arms and bend forward and touch my toes. It feels good, then I crack my knuckles and I am back at my desk, inspired in both body and mind.

Generally, we are wired to be in a state of rest, but rest doesn’t mean lazy. It means resting a physically exhausted body and overworked mind. But, when that extends to complacency, into couch-potato mode, than the body and mind become sluggish. Unless, you lack in some vital nutrients or suffer some other deficiency you cannot let a healthy body and mind turn to sludge.

Mealtimes are when you must sit, and not stand and eat, bad for digestion. So, when I say stand longer than you sit, use that phrase wisely.

Here are some tried and tested tips to keep your mind and body moving, and useful when you tire of standing:

1. March on the spot, raise your hands up in the air, stretch and say: I’m blessed with all I have. Keep doing this for about a minute

2. Bend forward, try to touch your toes. Don’t think early morning stretches are enough. Stretch your body every few hours.

3. The spine needs to be erect, posture needs to be correct. Or pain sets in. So, be aware, are you slouching? Are you hunched? And conciously stand straight

4. Bend your neck backwards for a count of hundred, why? Because you are cricking your neck in the opposite direction all day long…and you don’t need me to tell you why!

Be well in mind and body

It has been a journey of seeking…seeking the known in the unknown, the authentic from the superficial. I search for that, that which makes me wonder about many possibilities in the universe. I know, instinctively, there is a Higher power out there…or maybe it is within me.
There comes a point in life when you ask why and what’s the purpose of it all. It’s a moment of truth, of a search of something just beyond. It is the mind and heart exhausted from all the life experiences. Living in that pool of preconceived notions and habitual behaviour, it is like you’re on auto-pilot, going through the motions of existing, wired to be, to think, to behave in a way that is expected. Then comes the parts of your self that begins to question and rebel, the heart and mind fragment. There are moments of doubt and disappointment 
The subconscious needs to repair the fragments of yourself. 
Those little bits and pieces of your self came apart because of what life offered you in lessons and experiences.
An inner restlessness is a sign that you want to transform, to change, to become different from what you were cast out to be, but you’re not sure how. There’s a part of yourself that needs fulfilling, it is a sensation of discomfort in a disturbed state of mind. In that maze of confusion, your inner compass goes haywire.
This goes on for weeks, months, maybe even years. You think and wonder and ask a lot of whys…and you seek answers in all kinds of places. Those places offer nothing more than temporary gratification. You are still not discovering the balance within.
And the wondering and wandering continues…more life lessons and experiences tests your limits. Stretches your mind. More questions crop up. The restlessness doesn’t cease but expands to a feverish pitch. It is demanding and fierce.
This is when the epiphany hits…that crucial moment – the moment after you’ve had your fill of wandering and temporary fulfillment. You realise that there’s that place just beyond your reach…but within your grasp. And you know you have to take that leap of faith…either that or once again succumb into the web of wandering and disillusionment.
When you let go and accept…you break through your ego, your fears, your veils of attachments…And you know you have to do this:
Because it is the only way to discover your deeper core
Because facing yourself means being courageous
It means dealing with the pain which will cut through the dark veils of your past self
You will be able to sense with clarity
Instinctively you will know you have discovered an inner guide
This difference in your self is disturbing and new… sometimes it challenges your every thought and emotion…yet you face those negative moments with a warrior spirit…with a sense of awareness and detachment
Because it is true, life is not all that you expected it to be
Because there is a part of you that knows…that very deep instinctive part of you, it knows this is the only way to shape your reality.  
It will build you whole from your fragments, it will enable you to be complete within your self.
When that happens, you flow, you grow, you connect with others, you express what they cannot, understand what they feel, and speak a truth that gives them a key to their own heart.
It will happen. All you need to do is go deeper within yourself and you will find your truth…your power.

According to Wikipedia, the Suspension of Disbelief is the temporary acceptance as believable of events or characters that would ordinarily be seen as incredible. This is usually to allow an audience to appreciate works of literature or drama that are exploring unusual ideas.

Taking a spin on this, I’m prone to believing in something, no matter how unusual, based on gut instinct. I am open to new creative insights on ancient beliefs.

We try to fit concepts like ‘creativity’, ‘ideas’ and ‘story’ into parameters. But mostly these are instinctive and emerge from something much deeper within us: it is a mysterious, symbolic world of the unconscious which speaks a dream language of images and gut feelings.

Therefore, what I share below is not a marketing tactic. It’s not a social media look-at-me spotlight. It’s got nothing to do with anything ulterior. It is instinctive.

I have no particular agenda, other than the fact that curiosity got the better of me, and I just felt like sharing this with you. I am fascinated by Indian author, Abhishek Leela Pandey’s very exciting fictional tale – The Man with Five Heads – The book is an anthropological realistic take on the ancient texts of Hinduism, with the concept of Trinity, being the central theme.

cover page

‘Let me tell you about a world in which I lived. The world which witnessed the greatest of warriors, fiercest of lovers, purest of emotions and brightest of ambitions. Let me tell you about a world where glaciers were serene, moonlight was tranquil, sun was mightier and wind was soothing. A world where co-operation was valued more than competition, loyalty ranked above variety, honesty ranked above prosperity, duties ranked above rights.

Let me tell you about an incident when humanity was forsaken and this near-perfect world was shaken.

Let me tell you about The Creator, The Preserver, and The Destroyer…Let me tell you that I witnessed it all. Let me be proud that I lived in that world, I lived in the time of Shiva, I lived in the time of Vishnu and…

I lived in the time of Brahma.’


Blaze the Trail

You’ve heard it in songs, read it countless times, watched youtube videos – everyone’s telling you the same thing – follow your dreams, your heart, your calling…

Do it if you dare… Because if you do, then you’ll have to face the most unrelenting, scary, roller-coaster ride of your life. A life that will test your limits, that will challenge, that will break you down, and transform you from the inside out. So, if you really have the guts, then armour up – you have a lot to face if you want to stay true to your dream, your craft, your goal or whatever it is that lights up your insides.

Dive into the uncharted territory that fires your spirit…

Trust me…if you really want to do this, you better be mentally and physically prepared for what happens next. This dream of yours may require some amount of risk, it will face opposition. That’s the easy part, when you get on the path, the journey will rip you apart, tear down your ego, make you vulnerable, and twist you around, it’s going to knock you down so low, you wonder why you didn’t listen to the opposition and just let your dream die and give it a decent burial.

But hey, don’t you dare give up….

Because at the lowest point, at the moment when all your hard work has been rejected, when all the strength has died, when all the enthusiasm has seeped out, then comes the glimmer of hope, of sunshine – a sliver of light in the darkness – a small step up on your journey to your goal. A nod, a yes, a positive sign, a hand-shake: That’s all it will take to stand tall again and say it’s all going to be fantastic. Don’t listen to the detractors, they’ll say ‘well that’s just a small step up’, you smile and say, ‘bless you, yeah, a small step is all I need, to make that giant leap.’ Judgements of others are based on their own inner insecurities – they are not your problem. Your concern should be focussed on your mental strength, it is yours to mould and master. And then you will notice something interesting – your journey will make you deeply perceptive.

And you know what that means…

You learn about your self – your commitment – your principles – your weak points and strong points – you tailor yourself to become better than before. You start to challenge yourself even more, take risks. Not everything is about the money, or padding the CV, or impressing the society. It’s about YOU and your life choices, and your improvement. You just have to compete with yourself, get better at what you do.

It has taken every ounce of your will-power to defy the norm. But if you want something, then have the guts to accept that this is who you are, and how you are wired. Not everyone will understand, but those who do, will respect you for who you have become.

That means respect your craft…

After all the time spent striving towards whatever you aimed to achieve. Take a moment to say thank you, show gratitude, say, ‘I am deeply grateful for this beautiful gift.’ Be disciplined, continue to practice and improve. Maybe, in this life, that’s how you might find bliss, by accepting your path, by making every moment meaningful.

By finding your Truth.

there were many ways to do the deed

drips and drops or creative speed

constraints of time meant do or die
zoned out deep but eager to fly

‘ twas jots and notes in hundred seconds
rushed and hurried, reality beckoned
patched out lightening thriller stories
prided myself for the disciplined glories
but no joy came, just the painful kind
restlessness fogged up the mind
So I deeply reflected and analysed
slowly then I began to realise
there’s a higher realm, the rocky way
the inner focus not outer fray
life’s wisdom twists a new DNA
To accept the route and so I say
I journey with the love of word
I rise and fall just like a bird
but the meaning of life is simply this
flow and feel, but keep the bliss

Bite the seed of bitterness

Don’t let it perch in your throat

Nor swallow a piece of your anger

It will only rock your boat


Swim the sea of life’s journey

And face the waves of destiny

Live it like it’s meant to be

But don’t cry and accept disharmony


Your heart is not a ready dart-board

Protect it from needle cactus quotes

You know you bloom to a different chord

Why bother to slam this fussy world


Fill up instead with a pitcher of courage

Fire it with vibes of generous love

There’s no need to burn and boil

Nor fault the daily toil


Know this truth of memories ingrained

They’ll fade or lurk, it’s in our brain

Why dwell in a sensory sewage drain

When we can create a patch of our own heaven


Mathematics and the God Concept

Math cannot take the mystery out of life without doing away with life itself, for it is life’s mystery, its unpredictability — the fact that it is dynamic, not static — that makes it alive and worth living. – Vedicsciences.net

In ancient India, mathematics served as a bridge between understanding material reality and the spiritual conception. The mathematics of the Vedas lacks the cold, clear, geometric precision of the West; rather, it is cloaked in the poetic language which so distinguishes the East. Vedic mathematicians strongly felt that every discipline must have a purpose, and believed that the ultimate goal of life was to achieve self-realization and love of God and thereby be released from the cycle of birth and death.

Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and futurist, says that God could be a mathematician: “The mind of God we believe is cosmic music, the music of strings resonating through 11 dimensional hyperspace. That is the mind of God.”


I was therefore fascinated by the concept for a book entitled Brahmaganita which is explained in detail by Abhishek Leela Pandey, a Knowledge Expert, Senior Faculty Member of the T.I.M.E Institute in Delhi, specializing in Mathematics.  According to Abhishek, Mathematics is Empirical Philosophy. In its most general form, Brahmaganita is the study of the behavior of mathematical expressions and equations. It can be commonly perceived as a connecting link between all the branches of mathematical studies.

It derives its name from Brahma, one of the Gods in Hindu trinity who is unanimously considered as the creator of the universe; and Ganita, the Sanskrit term for Mathematics. Brahmaganita is a tool for more general operations like addition and multiplication, and also to record and analyse the complex patterns pertaining to higher order functions and dimensions.


Interview session with Abhishek Leela Pandey

SN: According to the conclusions of a scientific study, it would appear that learning mathematics truly changes the human brain, in a way that is clearly visible when using medical brain-imaging techniques. What is your perspective on this?

ALP: Mathematics is wired inside a human brain from the time when Lucy (the first human female, our common ancestor) was born. The latency of this mechanism was so much prominent that few minds which were naturally favoured to decode it, grew up to become mathematicians.

Well, the evolutionary pressure on fellow humans paved a way towards development of logic, reason and language. The way mathematics has transformed itself to an abstract yet absolute art, develops, or, rather creates new nodes which were always trying to grow, inside the brain. I do not want to stereotype just humans to be well efficient with Problem Solving capability on a complex level. It is evident in many other highly developed organisms; no rhetoric intended. Yes, the brain changes, expands, convolutes and affects the persona and the super ego of Human Animals.

SN: Mathematics has a link to Brahma?

ALP: Brahma is a collective aspect of the creativity embarked in all the nooks of the Universe. Creativity without Mathematics does not exist.

SN: Mathematics and spirituality are linked. Please elaborate.

ALP: They surely are!! The ultimate aim of any mathematician was to find or at least explain the concept of God. Pythagorus claimed that the entire Universe is a combination of rightly fit Triangles. Tirathji explained how Mathematics has a relation to the commentaries by God. Ramanujan felt the presence of a divine deity which would make Theorems “obvious” to him. Trachtenberg found solace and redemption through mathematics in a prison, under Nazi Supremacy.

 SN: Can everyone, including those who are not good with numbers, understand Brahmaganita?

ALP: Everyone is good with numbers. They do not know it. Brahmaganita works on the principle of self esteem on a mathematical level and that is what it aims to achieve!!

SN: Why are you so passionate about this particular explanation of Brahmaganita? How did you come up with this thought process?

ALP: Passion develops in a bilateral way. It is induced when it is rewarded. I am thankful to my students who have crafted my insanity to passion, if that’s a possibility. This thought process just came to me. I do not know the reason yet.

 SN: Brahmaganita is the study of the behavior of mathematical expressions and equations. To what purpose?

ALP: To demonstrate the occurrences inside a human brain, the epicenter of the universal conscience, mathematical expressions are needed, as they are empirical and devoid of subjectivity and obscurantism.

SN: What is your ultimate aim?

ALP: My ultimate aim is in development, the way everything else is, but yes, I want to prove the existence of God, in an expression so that no one questions its authenticity. Moreover, I would tend to develop amathematical expression for Satan, so that it can be eliminated permanently.


Contact: abhishekleelapandey@gmail.com


From random streaming of notes, I have gathered over the year…

Personal truth: Human beings lie to themselves and other on a daily basis,  we select facts to govern our personal lives and decisions that work to our benefit and convenience and occasionally even our sanity.

In an age of reality, fiction that masquerades as memoir and an internet culture that allows anyone to say anything and declare it gospel truth, mere belief is not good enough.

History: a thread of emotion links the past to the present

Random: Cracks on the window, tricks of light, fragmented…i listen with my eyes, my ears taste the music, no words escape the heart, silent musings erupt in painful shards of broken glass…the cracks on the window are streaks of rain. What wondrous webs we weave through circles of time, thoughts loop through illusory slippery images, until it wings on an idea…crystallizes…maps

Slave or master, tell them yes to fool your brain, there is no truth only perception, play it wise, and follow the path of the smart, stay cool stay sharp, for the world will tread on the weak…no matter what.

Stuck in my head: Ready to Go

Be ready to Go…happy 2016

‘Unresolved’ is a dark suspenseful story with disturbing events, cunning characters, and a trap set in a web of deceit….

Ten quotes to fit the psycho theme:

  1. “Weak people always attack strong people – it’s safer. It’s weak people who are dangerous, who lash out uncontrollably and hurt you back. Strong people can walk away – no repercussions, you see, if you attack a strong person.” Sophie Hannah
  2. “I suppose sooner or later in the life of everyone comes a moment of trial. We all of us have our particular devil who rides us and torments us, and we must give battle in the end.” Daphne du Maurier
  3. “I’m not sure you get wiser as you get older, Starling, but you do learn to dodge a certain amount of hell.” Thomas Harris
  4. “I often don’t say things out loud, even when I should. I contain and compartmentalize to a disturbing degree: In my belly-basement are hundreds of bottles of rage, despair, fear, but you’d never guess from looking at me.” Gillian Flynn
  5. “If people stop looking at you, do you cease to exist? Does it mean you’re not a person any more? Does it mean you’re already dead?” Elizabeth Haynes
  6. “As I turned toward it, a premonitory wave of heat flashed across my neck and shoulders, and I felt the dry itch of the past rubbing against the present.” Greg Iles
  7. “The normality of the house terrified her: the gleaming surfaces, the tidiness, the homey touches, the sense that a person lived here who might walk in daylight on any street and pass for human in spite of the atrocities that he had committed.” Dean Koontz
  8. “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” Stephen King
  9. “In asserting that people don’t change, what she means is that they don’t change for the better. Whereas changing for the worse, that goes without saying.” A.S.A. Harrison
  10. “I have a feeling that inside you somewhere,there’s somebody nobody knows about.” Alfred Hitchcock