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It started late one afternoon 6 months ago. 

*Ping* went the phone inside Alicia’s wallet. 

After three long weeks, and two less-than-stellar dates with the attorney from the bookstore down the street… she finally matched with the perfect partner on her favorite dating website. 

A few messages were exchanged, and they decided to meet up at the chic new Italian bistro downtown. 

As the conversation, drinks, and desserts kept flowing, they chatted about where they were from, their favorite hobbies, and recent travel adventures.

Not wanting the night to end, plans were made to meet up again the next day. 

As one date turned to two…

Then two into three…

And three into dozens more…

Things began getting more serious between Alicia and her new mate. 

“This is it!” she said, “I’ve finally found the one.”

Things were good until they weren’t.

One day out of the blue, about 3 months later, Alicia’s new man had a change of heart. 

“I have way too much going on and I can’t do this anymore. It’s over.”

Heartbroken, Alicia sat back and asked herself. 

How did this happen?

What did I do wrong?

How did I even end up here?

Relationships can be simultaneously wonderful and extremely complex to navigate at times. 

That’s just a fact of life. 

They also require a lot of work and self-reflection. 

They involve discovering who you are, knowing what you want and what to look for in a partner, and recognizing how past experiences have shaped you today. 

What if there was a way you could seamlessly incorporate and apply those elements into your life so you could finally begin to cultivate healthy relationships and thrive?

Relationships where you:

  • Are both heard 
  • Are in control of your emotions 
  • Are able to communicate effectively 

And most importantly feel loved… 

Friends, in just 1 week I’m giving you an exclusive opportunity to discover the secret to building a thriving, invigorating relationship with your partner — and I want you to be a part of it. 

This is your open invitation to join me and 21 other experts for The Missing Link to Healthy Relationships Summit: Heal the past and find love that lasts.

During this summit, you’ll gain powerful insights, practical tools, and easy to implement techniques that will help you confidently build a strong bond with your partner that will last for years to come. 

Our 21 experts will guide you through topics like:

  • How people just like you have created lives of self-love, joy, and happy partnership.
  • Uncovering why self-love is truly everything… 
  • How to make your achievement-orientation work for you (instead of blocking you with pressure & perfectionism!).
  • Why you need to stop dating… and be ready to fall in love – and how to do that!
  • How to fall in love before first sight – to connect with your future partner!
  • Why getting crystal-clear on your priority passions is an essential, game-changing step.
  • Powerful practices for instant emotional shifts – get out of “not good enough” and into the energy of all your desire.
  • How to understand the “masculine/feminine” thing at last… and how to use it regardless of gender or orientation.
  • The difference between healthy boundaries vs. lonely barriers.
  • Tips to rekindle your stamina for dating, if dating has become a drag – and get exciting results fast!
  • How to create an emotional connection on dates.
  • How to express your needs and desires in ways that make partners want to fulfill them!
  • Answers to the age-old question, “What do men want?” (You’ll love these answers!).
  • How to recognize emotional maturity in a prospective partner.
  • Feminine Qualities that Make a Woman Magnetic to a High Quality Man.
  • The Crucial Secret Ingredient All Relationships Need.

And so much more…

If you are looking to strengthen, develop, or build a strong and healthy relationship with yourself and those around you, you won’t want to miss this event. 

Here’s a sneak peak at just one of the many topics we’ll cover during the summit. 

Just imagine…

Knowing how to confidently develop and maintain a connection with those you care for — romantic and platonic.

Effectively communicating with your partner in a way where your needs are met. 

Making healthy choices for yourself.

Loving who you are and recognizing that you are valuable and have wonderful qualities to bring to the table.  

Doesn’t that sound great?

Once you join us you’ll have the mentors, tools, support, and resources to truly know what’s possible for you in love. 

And what’s more…

You’ll have the practical, science-backed guidance to fully realize that dream in your heart – even as you become utterly fulfilled in love with yourself, exactly as you are now.

 I’m personally inviting you to The Missing Link to Healthy Relationships Summit: Unlock your heart, heal the past and find love that lasts. 

I can’t wait for you to join us! This is an event you won’t want to miss.

Register here!

DATE: October 18, 2021 

Ready to discover your missing link to love? 

I’ll see you on the inside. 

Shobha N

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